Advertising Is Passive Patience How Do You Wait For Sales?

Advertising Is Passive Patience

Advertising is passive patience in the sense that we are always in a state of wait or better yet anticipation of the material we put out, we all know on some level that certain results will come to pass from our efforts whether good or bad. The phrase “this too shall pass” holds true, no special effort is required on your part once you put a message into play, from the moment your open for business and in every waking moment you are constantly putting offers into play creating ripple effects in the environment you influence. you could be provoking an emotion in someone or  be building a value proposition  and maybe not finish it, decide to forget it, but the reality is whatever it is it stays on your permanent record and can be later be used to discredit or approve you. On your own, personally it will lead to episodes of guilt time and again. YOU KNOW THIS! This can happen when a client is being proposed by you and you move on to other things. Another competitor comes along and sells the same product and moves on to other things as well, you two haven’t maintained contact whether personal or basic brand visibility but a third person comes in and because the client is sales ready and educated about the product from you he closes the sale.

It’s not new information when such things come to pass you have passively waited for this eventuality. now to go back to the emotion example, emotions are like bricks they build on each other so subsequently if you are provoking positive emotions in someone or yourself they will build and the results could be wonderful! the opposite holds true for negative emotions YOU KNOW THIS! now at this point you must be thinking this is about cause and effect and it is, but I would like to make you aware of the laps in time between cause and eventual effect, this is the state we live in day in and day out the passive patience for effect. I think once we are consciously aware of this we can more readily chose to be more proactive about the negative outcomes we know are on their way and replace worry with action, usually constant brand maintenance does the trick, stay consistent, free ourselves and let the good times roll! Yes let the good times roll out because their coming either way and if you choose to make them better during the laps of cause and effect, go ahead the future is guaranteed!

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Move On

The marketing industry is filled with fear mostly the fear of rejection and quite equally the fear of being accepted, this holds true for organisations of any size big and small I wont talk about one kind over the other because they are both very broad topics, but it is essential that they are recognized and acknowledged. like any good rehab program the first step is admitting you have a problem in this post you will be kicked off your addiction to procrastination, the fear of acceptance and rejection can be the active ingredient in keeping you still, an unreasonable need to change and tweak the finished product could be because you know your audience too well you are very in touch with them and are aware when their priorities change, a good trait in any marketer but must be taken in small doses. Being decisive and launching your offering is  key, then while you are getting real feedback make small continuous changes. sometimes your slow to put up posts because your not putting  services out fast enough and have little practical knowledge and on the ground insights to offer, but practical experience is what’s valued in this market.

Big Enough to Work

your project is so big you know if it works the demand for it will overwhelm you what normally happens here is smaller little checklists are made lining up to the big one but alas no matter how small a job it has its own growing needs that may put you in a spiral that feels like progress unhinge form the small any lost leads or disappointed people who miss out on your offering because its load was a bit heavy for you can always be recovered, a revived client can be a very valuable asset firstly they feel they have been given undivided attention and these people are most likely to defend you when a similar incident arises.

Have easy to follow channels in place for such eventualities so easy your clients can tell them to each other. goodbye call centers!

why do you think you will be rejected rattle out all your reasons I dare you. Write them down on paper and see if any of them ring true, you may be on to something, or better yet its a wild goose chase of excuses go ahead and braai your steak.

You Might Laugh


But this Ministry of agriculture bandit sign is timeless.

when the season comes and grass starts growing, it won’t look so ridiculous any more.

This is the discipline of good marketing, you cant time the markets and only advertise when you think people are listening or ready to buy your message.

You have to be there in front of them all the time.